THE PROJEKTOR II/III UPDATE #2: A Day in the Life...

Hey everyone

Been shirking my blog posts.... been busy with everything. I'm happy to announce that 'THE PROJEKTOR II' will be available FRIDAY NOVEMBER 24TH!!!! YESSSS!!!! It's been quite a learning experience but I'm seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. With the release of this next instalment, I'm hoping a bunch of the weight will be off my shoulders.

Got another show to celebrate the release @ the infamous Supermarket in Toronto on SUNDAY NOVEMBER 26TH, would love to see you there, and to hear what you think of 'THE PROJEKTOR II'. I'll also be doing my first interview (*gulp*) SUNDAY NOVEMBER 19TH for CP24 Breakfast Television! I'll be talking all thing Projektor and how I feel about the new music.

FUNK CAMP is also going down FRIDAY NOVEMBER 4TH with my buds KC Roberts, Jake Aylward & Sandy Schwisberg. Nothing but the funk all night. It's gonna be hella fun.

Well, I guess it's back to work! Thanks for reading. Hope to be able to stay on this blog thing... it's kind of fun.



Alex St. Kitts